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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! KNEW (910 AM, "910am") is a radio station in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose, CA, USA. KNEW is the newest of the Bay Area's conservative talk radio stations. 910am is owned by Clear Channel. Prior to the format change, the station operated as CNET Radio, offering business and technology news 24 hours a day. Under that format, the station simulcasted nationally on XM Satellite Radio channel 130. The KNEW callsign is a legacy of former owner Metropolitan Radio (Metromedia) which once owned legendary station WNEW in New York and modeled KNEW after that station as a personality-driven news and music station. When that format failed, KNEW switched to an oldies format led by program director John Hawkins, designed to bring back nostaligia for 910's earlier days as Top 40 rocker KEWB. Prior to the KNEW and KEWB incarnations, the station was owned for 3 decades by Joseph R. Knowland, owner and publisher of the Oakland Tribune as KLX. Its transmitter is located in the Point Isabel area of the Richmond Annex neighborhood in Richmond, California on San Francisco Bay.

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